What Makes a Good Logo?

January 23, 2020




Logos are the visual centerpieces of any company’s brand identity. In fact, these marks can literally make or break any new or existing commercial startup. With this in mind, your logo needs to be aesthetically-pleasing and attract new clients and customers. Similarly, it should be vibrant enough to entice new business and spread your brand messaging to mass audiences. Here are 4 essentials of good logos to increase business visibility and marketability.


1. Brand Embodiment


The purpose of any logo is to present your business in its best light. However, it is also designed to engage core, niche and mass consumers. Like PPC ads, logos can convert interest into leads and revenue. Similarly, they can increase brand awareness across social and mobile platforms. Therefore, logos must encompass and embody your business with evergreen visuals and content. Whether working with a logo designer or going the DIY route, make sure your logo has a catchy slogan that speaks volumes about the products and services you offer.


2. Brand Visibility


A good logo is one that speaks for itself. Aside from the design trends and fancy fonts, your logo must be instantly recognizable to stand out from the rest. Here are some ways to produce a logo that encourages actionable reactions on the part of your desired audiences:


  • Use solid, primary colors that are eye-catching and visually attractive. Stay away from gradients, dull or mixed colors unless absolutely desired. Remember, solid colors stand out more on banners, letterhead, marketing materials, promotional collateral, and even websites and blogs.

  • You need a logo that establishes brand uniformity and consistency across the board. In fact, a well-designed logo will boost awareness and brand marketing for years to come. While it’s important to check the current logo trends, it’s not mandatory to tap into these unless desired. Be creative, unique and try different concepts until you hit on the right one.

  • Whether for new companies or re-branding existing ones, your logos must be responsive in nature. For example, Coca-Cola and Nike use responsive logos to trigger emotions and convince viewers to buy their products and services. With this in mind, your logos should look fresh and appealing for a long time. Work with your designer to ensure logo relevancy - not visuals that will become outdated in a year and tarnish your brand’s reputation.


3. Brand Longevity


2018 was a banner year for social media optimized logos. Pixilated designs and bright colors were also popular last year. However, are these trends still active in 2019? Are last year’s logo design trends still applicable in today’s market? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself and your logo designer. As mentioned earlier, brand longevity and relevancy are paramount aspects of logo design. You need eye-catchy logos that are essentially trend-free, evergreen and designed for permanency. For example, earthy green and yellow colors were popular a few years ago but that is no longer the case. Here are some of the hottest logo design trends so far in 2019:


  • Hand drawn logos continue to offer organic appeal across the world. Similarly, logos with the 80s and 90s typefaces are as popular as ever.  In fact, they continue to tap into the retro market with seasoned and older buyers/clients.

  • Bubble letters spawned from the Philadelphia and New York graffiti movements in the 70s. Today, these old-school fonts have resurfaced in many logos across several industries. These logos are fun, playful and capture the allure and essence of your brands’ energetic nature.

  • Illustrations as letters continue to be a huge trend in 2019. Take a look at this fantastic logo as a perfect example of this growing movement.


These are but some of the current styles that are making good logos. The difference is that many of the modern logo designs are being created with versatility and longevity in mind.


4. Brand Versatility


Brand versatility is about putting your marketing and advertising on solid ground. No truer is this than when it comes to logos, which can aid you in digital media and print. To ensure customized logos that maintain your branding, graphic design and logos specialists are the way to go.  With years of extensive industry experience, these experts create logos with different colors and simplified versions. They also try newer concepts for rebranding purposes, as well as create logos from scratch for new brands. When it comes to logo design, nothing is ever etched in stone. What works today may not work tomorrow so keep visual consistency and marketability in mind at all times.

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